Liby – Kitchen Cleaner

10 in 1 Total Kitchen Cleaner

Brand: Liby

Size: 500ml


    • Easy to Clean.
    • Spray or Dilution.
    • Strong Detergency.
    • 99.9% Sterilizing Rate.
    • Remove Tough Grease.
    • Applicable to Multi-Surface.
    • 1 Spray + 1 Wipe, Easy to Rinse.
    • Mild smell and no harm to human.
    • Remove the fume and leave with pleasant fragrance.
    • Contains fast penetration agent & lotus cleaning effect to coat the surface, prevent recontamination and remove the grease simultaneously.
    • Main Ingredients: Soft Water, Surfactant, Polymer, Solvent, Alkaline Matter, Essence.

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