Chahua – Storage Basket

Brand: Chahua

Model: 2897

Color: Assorted Color

Material: PP Plastic 

Dimensions (W x D x H): 30 x 17.5 x 11cm (11.8” x 6.9” x 4.3”)


    • Easy to stack.
    • Multi-purpose storage.
    • Hollow design is for easy ventilation.
    • Made of PP material, it is strong and durable.
    • Perfect for storing many different things such as scissors, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, sharpeners, rulers, erasers, glue, and staplers etc.. Additionally, you can use them for other items, such as cosmetics, toys, receipts, coupons, medicines, food/ingredients, remote controls, spools of thread and other art and craft supplies.

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