Deli - Sharpener

Electric Rotary Pencil Sharpener

Brand: Deli

Model: 68658A

Hole: Ø 8mm

Color: Blue

Sharpen-able diameter: 6.5mm – 8mm

Battery powered: x2 AA Batteries

Material: ABS Plastic + Steel

Dimension (W x D x H): 77 x 77 x 103mm (3” x 3” x 4.1”)


    • Battery powered.
    • Effortless sharpening.
    • One hole for 6.5 to 8mm pencil.
    • Suitable for wide range of barrels.
    • Durable and resistant to chipping and wear.
    • Three adjustable speeds - adjustable thickness.
    • Wide range of application – Thin, Medium and Coarse.
    •  Easy to clean in time and less likely to get your hands dirty.

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