Deli – Water Gun

Backpack Water Gun

Brand: Deli

Model: YM142-1

Color: Yellow/Black

Water Tank Capacity: 1800ml (1.8 Liter)

Water Tank Size (W x H): 220 x 225mm (8.7” x 8.9”)

Water Gun Size (W x H): 235 x 145mm (9.3" x 5.7”)

Suitable for Kids: 4+

Material: ABS Plastic


    • Perfect for water fights and summer days at the beach or pool.
    • With a large capacity of 1800ml, you can keep the water flowing for longer.
    • With a powerful spray that can reach up to 8 meters, you'll have the upper hand in any battle.
    • The double strap allows for easy carrying on your back, making it perfect for all your water battles

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