Deli – Aspirator Blower

Brand: Deli Tools

Model: DL-GF35-E1

Color: Yellow

No. of Operation Modes: 2

    • Suction
    • Blowing

Rated Power: 600W

Rotating Speed: 1500 rpm

Wind Volume: 2.5m3/min

Material: High Strength Nylon Casing


    • High-strength nylon casing.
    • Triangular fixed-point support.
    • Multi-speed regulation, strong wind.
    • The ergonomic handle contributes to ease of use.
    • It comes with a bag for collecting dust and small debris.
    • There are two modes of operation: suction and blowing.
    • Both blowing and suction, sweeping away dust and debris.
    • An electric device for cleaning garden debris in personal plots.

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