Deli – Glue Gun

Hot Melt

Brand: Deli

Model: A50161

Color: Yellow

Material: Hard Plastic

Rated Power: 60W

Rated Voltage: 110 – 240V

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Glue Stick Diameter: Ø 11mm


    • 3-5 minutes of heating time.
    • 5m long wire
    • The glue gun is used to fix the details on hand made products.
    • With 3 Glue Sticks Included (10 cm long with diameter φ11mm inside)
    • The glue gun body is made of hard plastic with strong heat resistance, no worries of broken and not hot hands when used.
    • Gun of good quality, durable operation, the gun has a switch in the handle to temporarily stop heating, with the device indicator light active.
    • The big candle glue gun uses φ 11mm glue stick, the gun has a fast heating speed, the glue is uniform, suitable for attaching relatively large sized objects that require a lot of glue.

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