Agnite – Elastic Band

Resistance Band

Brand: Agnite

Model: R253-RD

Color: Red

Width: 21mm

Length: 2080mm (6’10”)

Thickness: 4.5mm

Material: Silicone Rubber

Product Weight: 45 Pounds (20kg)


    • High-strength stretching.
    • Convenient and portable.
    • Zero-protein material, Silicone rubber, No latex allergy risk.
    • Diverse exercises, meet your various body shaping and muscle building needs.
    • Great stretching companion, at anytime and anywhere, practice whenever you want.
    • Wide and thick, not easily breakable, one-piece molded, fracture and crack-resistant.
    • 4x stretch, fearless of breakage, withstands tens of thousands of fatigue tests without breaking.

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