Deli – Sitting Posture Corrector

Brand: Deli

Model: 74354A

Color: Blue

Size: 470 x 324mm (18.5” x 12.8”)

Adjustable Height: 1150mm – 1700mm (45.3” – 66.9”)

Suitable for: 6+

Material: ABS plastic + Silicone


    • Upright posture.
    • Height adjustment.
    • Improve sitting posture.
    • Silicone material, soft and comfortable.
    • ABS material, wear-resistant and durable.
    • Standard sitting posture creates a good body shape.
    • Auxiliary fill light, helps to light up the dark shadow environment.
    • Poor sitting posture can cause many disadvantages, so that children can develop a good sitting posture from an early age.
    • There are 26 English letters uppercase and lowercase, and multiplication and reading tips to help children learn.
    • Intelligent voice reminder, helps to remind to sit up straight, keeps your heads up etc. (pls be note: voice is in Chinese language. Cannot change to English.)

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