Deli – White Board Stand

H Shape Stand

Brand: Deli

Model: No: 7870

Color: Grey

Compatible Board Size: 900 x 1200mm to 1000 x 2500mm with max. thickness of 22mm.

Frame Material: Steel


    • Lock function.
    • Adjustable for board height.
    • Strong H shape stand mechanism for improved durability.
    • 4 casters for quick and easy moving in meetings, lockable function to fix the stand when in use.
    • Adjustable structure for 900 x 1200mm to 1000mm x 2500mm of boards with maximum thickness of 22mm.


Product Dimension:

Weight x Depth x Height

Centimeter (cm):

W 112 x D 57 x H 151cm


Inch (”):

W 44.1” x D 22.4” x H 59.4”


Feet (’) Inch (”):

W 3’8” x D 1’10” x H 4’11”

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