Deli Tools – Chain Hoist

Brand: Deli Tools

Model: DL301

Color: Yellow

Load Bearing Weight: 1 Ton (2200lbs)

Chain Length: 3m (10ft.)

Material: Steel

Upper/Lower Hook (Width): 8cm (3.1”)

Shell Body Dimension (W x D x H): 14.5 x 13.5 x 15.5cm (5.7” x 5.3” x 6.1”)


    • Strong load-bearing.
    • Outer shell steel strength.
    • Reliable braking effect: Reliable brake makes the chain fall more stable and greatly ensures your security during operation.
    • Durable Hoist Shell: Compact hoist pulley constructed of premium iron shell that protects the chains and gear system that requires little maintenance.
    • Security Hook Design: The safe hook is not only made of durable material but has a security latch and can rotate 360° without any limitation, which is easy to operate.
    • Wide Application Area: This chain hoist can be used in most industrial areas, including factories, garages, warehouses, ship-building, transport, construction sites, workshops, and mines.

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