Deli Tools – Screw Driver

25-piece Screwdriver Set

Brand: Deli Tools

Model: DL3525

Color: Black/Silver

Bit Material: S2

Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS

Set Includes:

    • Aluminum Alloy Handle – x1
    • Phillips (PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1, PH2) – x5
    • Slotted (SL1.5, SL2.0, SL3.0, SL4.0) – x4
    • Star (P2, P5) – x2
    • Torx (T5H, T6H, T8H, T10H, T15H) – x5
    • Torx (T2, T3, T4) – x3
    • Hex Key (H1.5, H2.0) – x2
    • U shape (U2.6) – x1
    • Y shape (Y1) – x1
    • Triangle (2.3) – x1

Shell Dimension (W x D x H): 136 x 70 x 17mm (5.4” x 2.8” x 0.7”)


    • Born for tool enthusiasts, Simpler, more refined and more pleasant.
    • Press Drawer Design, One press and one pull, convenient and flexible.
    • Delicate and compact, the size of a mobile phone, but the small body contains great energy.
    • Rotating cap design, Comfortable grip, built-in bearing in the top cover, good concentricity, low friction, low vibration, low noise and smooth rotation.
    • Aluminum alloy shell, High precision integrated molding process, round arc edge comfortable to hold, Surface sandblasting and anodizing, Macbook level progress, sweat proof and anti-corrosion.
    • Magnetic absorption storage, Magnetic groove structure, effective adsorption, convenient storage of the bit, and the bit will not scatter after tilting the storage box.
    • Built-in strong magnet, Strong magnet is built in the head of the screwdriver, which is tightly attached and easy to plug.

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