Deli Tools – Laser Distance Meter

Brand: Deli Tools

Model: DL4168

Color: Black/Yellow

Memory: 30 Values

Measuring Range: 0.05 - 40m

Measuring Accuracy: ± (3.0mm + 5x10 D)

Measuring Reference: Front/Rear

Measuring Units: m / ft / in / ft+in

Auto Power Switch-off: After 180s

Laser Class: Class 2

Laser Type: 630-670nm, <1mW

Battery Type: AAA x2 1.5V (Included)

Operating Temperature: 0°C - + 40°C (32°F ~ + 104°F)

Material: Plastic

Dimension (W x D x H): 50 x 29.5 x 115mm


    • Area Measurement.
    • Volume Measurement.
    • Length Measurement.
    • Extreme value Measurement.
    • Pythagorean Mode.
    • Adding and Subtracting Measurement.


    • DL4168 is a 40 meter multipurpose laser rangefinder.
    • Its 1.7-inch high-definition display make data more clearly.
    • The product comes with a hand strap for easy carrying.
    • It has 30 groups of data storage function, which makes it easy and convenient to check records.
    • It has horizontal and vertical bubble to ensure the accuracy of measurement, and adopts oversized buttons, which are sensitive to avoid accidental touches and ensure the accuracy of the data.
    • With dual laser emitting tubes, the laser emitting and receiving capabilities have been improved to reduce errors and make the measurement more accurate.


    Click here for User Manual

    User Manual

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