Deli Tools – Water Spray Gun

Car Wash Water Gun 6-piece Set

Brand: Deli Tools

Model: DL8761

Color: Black/Grey

Material: ABS Plastic + Aluminum Alloy


    • Adhesive handle.
    • Aluminum Alloy gun head.
    • Rotary adjustment of water volume.
    • Made of strong and durable ABS material.
    • Washing the car, cleaning the yard, spraying the plants etc…
    • With 3 different spray options - jet, shower, and flat, it's perfect for all your cleaning needs.
    • At only 214g, this spray gun is easy to handle, making watering your plants a breeze.
    • With the 15m water pipe included, you can easily reach all areas of your garden or anywhere within the range of 15m with ease.


Packing Contents:

    • Spray Gun - x1
    • 15m water pipe – x1
    • Water Pipe connector - x2
    • Standard Connector - x1
    • Universal Connector - x1

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