Deli Tools – File Tool

Brand: Deli Tools

Model: DL352085

Color: Black/Yellow

Length Size: 8-inch

Set Includes:

    • 8” Flat File – x1
    • 8” Triangle File - x1
    • 8” Square File – x1
    • 8” Round – x1
    • 8” Half round file – x1

Material: Steel + Plastic


    • Consists of five files for various purposes.
    • The files are made of T12 steel, which ensures high strength and durability.
    • The rubberized handle fits comfortably in the hand and reduces the possibility of slipping during operation.
    • The plastic window in the PVC packaging allows you to quickly select the desired type of file, and thanks to special holes on the packaging and on the handles, files can be stored hanging.

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