Deli Tools – Spray Gun


Brand: Deli Tools

Model: DL-PQ380-E1

Color: Black/Yellow

Spray Can Capacity: 800ml

Max. flow: 650/min

Rated Power: 550W

Rated Voltage: 220-240V

Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz


    • 550W high power motor.
    • Easy adjustment of paint flow for ideal paint film thickness.
    • Applicable: wall, wood and metal surface paint spraying etc.
    • Plug and use, air compressor unrequired, convenient and fast.
    • Adjustable four spraying shapes, adapting to various application scenarios.
    • 800ml large-volume can and facilitates quick painting covering all the major portions of painting surface.
    • It has got built-in spray tip which is designed for professionaire suits while using latex, oil paints and stains.

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