Note: Air hose, Nails & Air compressor not included.

Deli Tools – Brad Nailer

Pneumatic-powered Nail Gun

Brand: Deli Tools

Model: DL-QDQ-F30B

Color: Black


    • Type: T-Nails
    • Nail Length: 10 - 30mm
    • Nail Capacity: 100 nails

Working Pressure: 0.4 - 0.7mpa

Air Inlet size (Diameter): 8mm

Notch width: 2mm

Material: Aluminum alloy

Product Dimension (W x D x H): 260 x 70 x 195mm

Warranty: 6 Months Warranty


    • Hard alloy gun head, not easy to break.
    • Nailing plywood and decorative carpentry.
    • The long-lasting and lightweight aluminum oxide cartridge holder.
    • Separated gun nozzle that ejects nails quickly and is not easily trapped.
    • The handle is equipped with anti-slip rubberized inserts for ease of use.
    • Pneumatic Nailer, magazine capacity of 100 nails, nail length 10-30 mm will help to significantly speed up the work of hammering nails.
    • It runs on compressed air through air inlet, which significantly extends its operating time without stopping and reduces the fire and explosion hazard of the working process.
    • Applicable to: sofa fabrics nailing or leather nailing in furniture manufacturing; ceiling nailing or thin plate nailing in decoration industry; outer thin plate nailing in wooden industry.


    Packing Contents:

      • Brad Nailer – x1
      • Hex Wrench – x2
      • Lubricating oil bottle – x1
      • User Manual – x1


    Click here for User Manual

    User Manual

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