Deli Tools – Caliper

Simple Caliper

Brand: Deli Tools

Model: DL92150

Measurement: 150mm

Scope of Application: Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, Depth and Step

Measurement Accuracy: ±0.08mm

Division Value: 0.02mm

Material: Stainless Steel

Overall Dimension: 7.8 x 23.2cm


    • Laser Scribing.
    • Easy Measurement.
    • With lock Function.
    • High-precision Vernier caliper.
    • Stable, reliable and easy to measure.
    • Wear resistant made of stainless steel.
    • Four Modes (Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, Depth and Step).


    • This product is a simple caliper and cannot be used as a professional measuring instrument.
    • The Product has sharp parts, please use with caution.

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