Deli – Vacuum Sealer Machine

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Brand: Deli

Model: LM890

Color: Black/Silver

Rated Power: 100W

Rated Voltage: 220V~

Max. Sealing Width: 300mm

Pumping force: 9L/min (indicates that the machine can extract air from the vacuum bags at a rate of 9 liters per minute)

Max. Vacuum Pressure: Approx. -65KPA (effectively removing air from the vacuum bags during the sealing process)

Material (Body): ABS Plastic + Upper cover stainless steel panel

Dimension (W x D x H): 369 x 145 x 69mm (14.5” x 5.7” x 2.7”)


    • Sealing width <300mm.
    • One-touch operate, convenient to use.
    • Multiple vacuum bag can be sealed, Improve work efficiency.
    • 4 fresh keeping methods that cover dry food, soft food, wet food and powder.
    • With just one click, our vacuum sealer effortlessly seals your food bags, making food preservation a breeze."
    • Efficient Sealing: Vacuum sealer's 2.5mm single heating wire ensures swift and reliable sealing, preserving your food with ease and efficiency.
    • A pumping force of 9L/min indicates that the machine can extract air from the vacuum bags or containers at a rate of 9 liters per minute.
    • -65KPA represents a strong vacuum pressure, which is capable of effectively removing air from the vacuum bags or containers during the sealing process.
    • The "Intelligent temperature protection" feature integrates temperature monitoring and automatic shutdown to prevent overheating, ensuring machine longevity and user safety.
    • The food preservation vacuum machine is suitable for families, used to preserve food, Meat, fish, shrimp, vegetables, fruits, cakes, cereals... after being vacuum sealed for a long time, the food will be less oxidized, and retain the same fresh taste as when it was purchased.


Packing Contents:

Vacuum Sealer Machine – x1

Vacuum Seal Bags (30 x 22cm) – x3

User Manual – x1

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