Funskool – Board Game

Scotland Yard

Brand: Funskool

Model: 4500100

Material: Carboard + Plastic + Paper

Suitable for: 10+

No. of Players required: 3 – 6 Players

A Compelling Detective Game.

One of the players takes on the role of Mister X.

Get ready to travel all around London chasing the mysterious and clever Mister X.

As a member of the Scotland Yard, your job is to trace Mister X's route all around London as he travels by taxi, bus and underground. Mister X tries to tease the police as he notes down his travel means in his special log pad, trying to evade capture using his brilliant mind. Devise plans and strategies to trace his routes and capture him before he strikes again. Try planning your routes in advance to avoid getting outsmarted by the cunning Mister X. Use your detective skills and play the Funskool Scotland Yard game.


Packing Contents:

    • Street map gameboard – x1
    • Fare tickets – x125
    • Start Cards & Special move cards pack – x1
    • Special logbook and pad – x1
    • Plastic pawns – x6
    • Instructions – x1

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