Liao – Printed Drying Mat

Brand: Liao

Model: G130025

Color: Assorted Color

Size: 38 x 51cm (15” x 20.1”)

Material: Sponge + Microfiber


    • LIAO Drying Mat is an ideal replacement for the age old idea of laying a dish towel on the counter to dry your hand washed dished.
    • This drying mat gently cushions delicate dishes and stemware.
    • It is absorbent enough for larger pots and pans.
    • Also works great underneath appliances to protect your countertop from scratches.
    • Fashion Design and Super soft touch.
    • Conveniently folds for easy storage.
    • Works on: Glassware, cups, pots, pans, dishes, flatwares, kitchen gadgets, knives etc…

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