Liao – Twist Mop

Brand: Liao

Model: A130089

Color: Red/Grey

Handle Length: 133cm (52.4”)

Material: Microfiber + Cotton


    • Powerful Cleaning.
    • Keep hands clean.
    • Save time and save energy.
    • Twice as fast as an ordinary mop.
    • Twice as absorbent as a sponge mop.
    • Lift & Twist mechanism for easy wringing out water.
    • Sponge at bottom ensures the cleaned surfaces won’t get scratched.
    • Replaceable mop refill: Soft material & super absorbent.
    • Works great on Damp or Dry:
      • Used damp: Remove grease, dirt and scuff marks.
      • Used dry: Attracts and retains dust, fluff and hair.

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