Liao – Tornado Mop with Bucket

Brand: Liao

Model: T130016

Color: Red


    • Handle: Plastic + Steel
    • Bucket: Plastic + Steel
    • Mop: Microfiber


    • Rotatable.
    • Easy Cleaning.
    • Adjustable Handle.
    • 2 Mop Heads Included.
    • Save time and Save effort.
    • Hands will not touch the water.
    • Bucket with Handle: Easy to carry.


2-Way Drive:

Hand-Pressure Drive in the basket for drying: 

    • Stainless Steel Basket with fixed support at the middle.
    • Keep the mop disk stable during rotating and dehydration completely.

Hand-Pressure Drive in the basket for washing:

    • Powerful washing system design.
    • Technically transform hand-pressure to the gears rotating power.
    • Easily spinning mop refill by handle swivel.
    • Save 80% Effort.

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