Note: Water-hardness level in Maldives is Soft. Adding salt is not required.

Midea – Dishwasher

Tabletop Dishwasher

Brand: Midea

Model: WQP6-3607

Color: White

Plates Fit (Diameter): up to 25cm (9.5-inches)

Mounting: Freestanding

Could be Built-in: Yes

Rated Power: 1170 – 1380W

Rated Voltage / Frequency: 220 – 240V / 50Hz

Standard Cleaning Cycle: ECO 45°C

No. of Standard Place Settings: 6 Settings

Annual Water Consumption: 1820 Liter

Water Pressure (Flow Pressure): 0.04 – 1.00MPa = 0.4 – 10 bar

Program Duration of the Standard Cleaning Cycle: 180min

Drying Efficiency Class: A

Energy Efficiency Class: A+

Annual Energy Consumption: 174 kWh

Energy Consumption of the Standard Cleaning Cycle: 0.61 kWh

Power Consumption of Off-Mode: 0.45W

Power Consumption of Left-on Mode: 0.49W

Noise Level: 49 dB (A) re 1 pW

Accessories Included:

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


 No. of Programs: 6

    • Intensive: For heaviest soiled crockery, and normally soiled pots, pans, dishes etc. With dried-on food.
    • Normal: For normally soiled loads, such as pots, plates, glasses and lightly soiled pans.
    • ECO: This is standard program, it is suitable to clean normally soiled tableware and it is the most efficient program in terms of its combined energy and water consumption for that type of tableware.
    • Glass: For lightly soiled loads, such as glasses, crystal and fine china.
    • 90 min: For lightly soiled crockery and glass.
    • Rapid: A shorter wash for lightly soiled loads and quick wash.


Product Dimension:

Width x Depth x Height

Centimeter (cm): W 55 x D 50 x H 43.8cm

Inch (”):  W 21.7” x D 19.7” x H 17.2”

Feet (’) Inch (”): 1’10” x D 1’8” x 1’5”

 Depth (Door Opened): 81.2cm (32”)


Packing Contents:

    • Dishwasher - x1
    • Cutlery Basket - x1
    • Funnel – x1
    • Dishwasher Tablets Packets - x2
    • Dishwasher hose – x1
    • User Manual – x1


Click here for User Manual

User Manual

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