MLM – Corner Sofa

Large Corner Sofa

Brand: MLM

Model: 110038

Color: Grey

Side: Chaise Left Side (Left-handed when standing in front of the Sofa)

Material: Fabric (EB-11)


    • Backrest & Seat Cushions are non-removable.
    • This L-Shaped Sofa allows only to be setup on the left configuration.



Width x Depth x Height


    • Millimeter (mm): W 2520 x D 1950 x 860mm
    • Inch (”): W 99.2" x D 76.8” x H 33.9”
    • Feet (’) Inch (”): W 8’3” x H 6’3” x H 2’10”

Seat: W 2070 x D 530 x 440mm

Backrest Height: 450mm

Height under Sofa: 115mm

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