Nyo – Trampoline

Big Trampoline

Brand: Nyo

Model: YL1103-10FT

Color: Blue

Material: PP + PP + Steel

Overall Dimension (Dia. x H): 3050 x 2340mm (10’ x 7’8”)


    • The mainframe of the trampoline is supported by high-quality steel.
    • Let safe jumping exercise improve kids' coordination, balance, and cardiovascular health.
    • The top rails are fixed with T-joints to provide excellent stability, and the U-shaped leg assumes the sturdy base function.
    • Trampoline springs securely attach the tightly woven jumping mat and frame together. It can handle constant flexing, making it durable and soft on your feet.
    • ft trampoline with enclosures feature a 360-degree safety net that is securely attached to the jumping mat all the way around, reducing the risk of an arm or leg falling through.

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