UBL – PH Digital Meter

4-in-1 Digital Soil PH Meter

Brand: UBL

Model: OC0364

Color: Black/Yellow

Battery Type: 9V x1 included

Probe Length: 200mm (7.9”)

Size (W x H): 60 x 320mm (2.4” x 12.6”)


    • 200mm probe.
    • Auto-power off.
    • Fast and precise.
    • Instant read outs.
    • Backlight feature.
    • Batteries included.
    • Oversize LCD Screen.
    • Low battery indicator.
    • High accuracy reading.
    • Determines soil acidity & alkalinity.
    • Use for vegetables, flowers, fruit or landscape plants.
    • A certain pH is necessary for the growth of many plants.
    • Ideal for lawns, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, indoor pots, and outdoor planters.
    • Check if the soli in your garden or pot have the right pH for plants by using this digital meter.
    • This unit is simple to use and helps to prepare an ideal environment for your plants to grow.
    • Many plants need a certain pH in order to thrive. Use this digital meter to establish whether the soil in your garden or pot is the correct pH for your plants.

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