UBL – Hook

S-Shaped Hooks (4 Pieces)

Brand: UBL

Model: BL0094

Assorted Sizes: 2

    • Large: 11cm height
    • Small: 7.5cm height

Color: White

Material: Metal


    • Convenient smart design for convenience.
    • S-Shaped Metal Hook: Useful and more flexible with S-shaped hook
    • It’s made of sturdy, durable metal, soft plastic exterior, which prevents rusting and does not damage clothes.
    • Products are shaped S-shaped with reasonable curvature, you can easily hook into the door, shelf ... or move anywhere you want, helping to save the maximum space.


Note: We have a 2 assortment of a sizes, and if you have preference, you can send us a message or visit our shop for more details.

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