Vatti – In-Built Oven with Timer Knob

Brand: Vatti

Model: E750105-G1G1K

Color: Black

Inner Volume of the Oven: 75 Liters

Rating Power: 2000W 

Rating Voltage: 220-240V

Rating Frequency: 60Hz

Overall Dimensions of (Product): W 598 x D 577 x H 598mm (All side of product’s dimensions are shown Above)

Packing Size: 695 x 650 x 665mm

Gross Weight: 34Kg

Net Weight: 31Kg

Warranty: 1 year warranty


    • This Multi-function oven combines the advantage of traditional convection ovens with those of the more modern fan assisted models in a single appliance.
    • It is an extremely versatile appliance that allows you to choose easily and safely between 5 different cooking modes. The various features offered by the oven are selected by means of selector knob “B” and thermostat “C” situated on the control panel.


Click here for User Manual

User Manual


Function Description


    • The fan runs without heat to reduce the defrosting time of frozen foods.
    • The time required to defrost the food will depend on the room temperature, the quantity and type of food.

Circular element with Fan

    • Pre-set Temperature: Between 50 Cº and 250 Cº
    • This method of cooking uses the circular element while the heat is distributed by the fan, resulting in a faster and more economical operation.
    • To allow different kinds of food to be cooked simultaneously on different shelves, preventing the transmission of smells and taste from one dish onto another.

Half Grill

    • Pre-set Temperature: Between 50 Cº and 250 Cº
    • The Top central Heating element comes on.
    • The extremely high and direct temperature of the grill makes it possible to brown the surface of meats and roasts while locking in the juices to keep them tender.
    • The grill is also highly recommended for dishes that require a high temperature on the surface: beef steaks, veal, rib steak, filets, hamburger etc…

Fan assisted half grill

    • Pre-set Temperature: Between 50 Cº and 250 Cº
    • The top central heating element and fan com on, This combination of features increases the effectiveness of the unidirectional thermal radiation of the heating elements through forced circulation of the air throughout the oven.
    • This helps prevent food from burning on the surface, allowing the heat to penetrate right into the food.
    • Excellent results are achieved with kebabs made with meats and vegetables, sausages, ribs, lamb chops, chicken in a spicy sauce, quail, pork chops, etc.

The oven light

    • Set knob to turn it on. It lights the oven and stays on when any of the electrical heating elements in the oven come on.

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