Zbom – Lifting Basket

Double-layer Wall Cabinet Lifting Basket

Brand: Zbom

Model: 17610217

Color: Dark Grey

Open Method: Hinged Door / Upward-opening Flap Door

Material: PP + Steel  

Surface Treatment: Powder Coated

Load Bearing Ranges:

    • First Gear: less than or equal to 6kg (by pulling out both left and right buttons)
    • Second Gear: 6 ~ 12kg (by pulling out one button and pushing in another button)
    • Third Gear: 12 ~ 18kg (by push in both left and right buttons)

Applicable Cabinet Size:

    • Width: 800mm
    • Depth: ≥ 320mm
    • Height: ≥ 700mm


Overall Dimension:

Width x Depth x Height

Millimeter (mm):

W 767 x D 275 x 520mm


Inch (”):

W 30.2” x D 10.8” x 20.5”


Feet (’) Inch (”):

W 2’6” x D 0’11” x 1’9”


Click here for Assembly User Manual

Assembly Manual

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