Business Grade Currency Counters with counterfeit detection

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Say goodbye to counterfeit money and inaccurate cash counters. We have counters with detectors from world's leader in cash automation. Cassida.


Cassida Currency Counters - A Global Leader in Cash Automation Solutions

  • Machines modified for New Maldives Rufiyaa
  • Easy to use, accurate & reliable at affordable prices.
  • Price Starts at Rf 3,999/-. Get yours now!

3 Models Available:

1. 5510 UV

    • Multi-Currency Count & Detection
    • Easy to operate with auto-start function.
    • ​​Quiet operation. ​​Lightweight and compact.
    • Counting speed: 1,300 Bills per Minute

    For full specs click here.


    2. 5520 UV/MG

    • Multi-Currency Count & Detection with ValuCount
    • Functions include Count, Add, Batch and Add with Batch modes.
    • Also includes magnetic ink counterfeit detection for added security
    • Counting Speed: 1,300 Bills per Minute

    For full specs click here.


    3. 6650 UV

    Quick demo:

    • Multi-Currency Count & Detection with ValuCount.
    • Modified model with the expanded set of functions.
    • Also includes magnetic ink counterfeit detection for added security
    • Stacker Capacity: 300 Bills
    • Ideal for small & medium retail

    For full specs click here.


    Table for easy comparison:

    For more info about Cassida click here.

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