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Take a look at our best-selling refrigerators that comes with 1-year warranty.

Unibar's minibar which is ideal for guesthouse and hotel room.

Meling's No-frost refrigerator
Meling's 370 Litre  No-frost double door refrigerator
Skyworth's 410 Litre No-frost double door refrigerator
Skyworth's 220 Litre Chest freezer with handle
About Skyworth (Fridge and washing machine is a Toshiba JV)
one of the  largest refrigerator manufacturers
annual capacity : 2 million Refrigerator
About meiling
one of the largest refrigerator manufacturers in the world
annual capacity : 2-3 million refrigerators
It's always a safe buy at Asters

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  • 2 door mini bar fridge when it’ll be available?? Pre order can give ???

    Aminath on

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