The Art of Taking The Perfect Selfie.

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The selfie culture took the Internet by storm and has now become the norm. Everywhere we look, people are snapping pictures of themselves. Some like to pretty up and snap a few selfies just to feel good. And others take selfies to capture memories of themselves with someone or something at a certain place or time. Either way, the selfie trend isn't going away anytime soon.

Here are a few tips for all you selfie enthusiasts;

1. Make sure your smartphone has a good quality camera.
It's very important to have a camera that can actually take good photos if you want your Snaps or Instagram feed to look flawless. The latest string of iPhones have excellent camera features, fyi, if you're looking for that perfect phone with the perfect camera. 

2. Proper lighting is very important.
Avoid shadows and get to a properly lit spot where the lighting best compliments your complexion. It goes a long way. Use flash only when necessary. Walk around, experiment and find the perfect lighting to suit a selfie.

3. Know your angles.
We all have our best sides. If you don't know yours, try taking photos from multiple angles and compare them. Know which side brings out your features and which side makes you look your best.  And always remember to tilt your head to a side and keep your camera slightly higher than your height. Does wonders.

4. Keep facial expressions natural.
Sometimes smiling for long periods of time makes your face look slightly unnatural. So pause, relax and do a few facial exercises and then pose with a simple smile. Duckfaces are so yesterday so keep your lips less pouty and more smiley.

5. Download an app that lets you edit your selfie.
There are plenty of photo editing apps on App Store or Play Store. AirBrush is an excellent app that lets you edit as minimally as you like and keeps you looking natural after filters and tweaks.

6. Go easy on the editing and filter effects.
Keeping your photo edits minimal is key to having a good feed or the perfect profile picture. When a photo has been tweaked too much and it shows, it loses its appeal. So keep it simple. Don't over edit. You look good. Just enhance your photo for your audience.


Remember that you might not be everyone's cup of tea and that this is the Internet and it's full of trolls. You are bound to get a negative comment every now and then but don't let that get you down. You look good just the way you are. Don't take online attention too seriously. Just enjoy the moment and snap away :)


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