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Washing your clothes can be a very tiring chores but now everything is easier with the help of washing machines. But keep in mind that there are different kinds of washing machine and each one has its own advantage and disadvantage.
Automatic washing machines have two types: front-loading which clean better and more gentler for clothes. You just basically need to put laundry detergent and choose the appropriate wash cycle.
While top-loading washing machines are the most energy-efficient. It is for those people who wants to save time and energy. It is also cheaper than front-loading washing machines.
There is also twin tub washing machines. The first tub is where you can wash, rinse or soak. The second is used to spin the moisture out of your clothes.
You have to manually move your clothes from one tub to another which requires extra effort from you. But the good thing is you can choose exactly how much water to use in each wash and you can even recycle your water.

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