Aux – AC Wi-Fi USB Dongle

Brand: Aux

Model: 11222062000021

Color: White

Material: Plastic

Dimension of Product (W x D x H): W 23 x D 52 x H 10mm


    • The AC system is equipped with remote control technology, with the Wi-Fi module inside the machine connected to the display panel and the commanded to run the AC transmitted.
    • The AC system is in constant connection with a wireless router or access point attached to the internet.
    • Mobile terminals such as smart phones and tablet computers, on which special control software are installed an Wi-Fi modules successfully configured locally, can be used as remote controllers once they are connected to the internet.
    • Compatible for Only J-Smart ACs.



For mobile terminals such as smarts phones and tablet (Android 4.1 and IOS 6.0 or above only), search and download “AC Freedom” from Google Play or App store and install in on your system.

Compatible for Only J-Smart ACs. To get to these J-Smart ACs, Click this link..

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