Cecotec – Knife Set

Swiss Chef Knives with Peeler (6 Pieces)

Brand: Cecotec

Model: 1024

Color: Black/White

Thick Blade: 2.5mm

Material: Stainless Steel and Ceramic Enamel.


    • 6" butcher knife (17 cm blade) – X1
    • 8" chefs knife. (20 cm blade) – X1
    • 5" multipurpose knife (12 cm blade) – X1
    • 3.5” lace knife (7cm blade) – X1
    • 6" butcher knife (17cm blade) – X1
    • Vegetable peeler – X1


SWISS CHEF is recognized quality. Nothing more and nothing less than a set of 6 knives with a peeler. The butcher knife for large bone-in meats, a multidisciplinary chefs knife, and a knife specially designed for bread, together with a multipurpose knife and a lace to work in detail.

    • High quality, strong and hard stainless steel is the key component of the knife. Strong, durable and strong, with an edge that is preserved over time.
    • The ceramic, integrated into the knife blade in coating mode, helps with each cut without you noticing. Get more comfortable and faster movements, without food sticking to the sheet.
    • The handles are polypropylene with silicone grafts, so that the touch is pleasant and ergonomic, while safe in any movement.
    • Non-stick and antibacterial coating.
    • Non-skid and comfortable handle to improve the grip.
    • Smooth blade surface for an easy cleaning.

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