Cecotec – Kitchen Scale

Cook Control 10400 EasyHang

Brand: Cecotec

Model: 4179

Color: Silver

Max. Capacity: Up to 8kg

Precision: 1g

No. of Sensors: 4

Tare function: Yes

Battery Type: AAA x3

Platform Material: Stainless steel

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


    • Maximum load capacity of up to 8 kg.
    • Easy to use, with low battery indicator.
    • Extra-flat design that makes it perfect for al kitchens.
    • 1-gram precision that allows extremely precise measuring.
    • Designed with a useful hanging handle, perfect to have always at hand.
    • Includes 4 maximum precision sensors, for greater measuring accuracy.
    • Large LCD display with big numbers for easy viewing of the measuring results.
    • Immediate change from grams to pounds in order to adapt measures to each recipe.
    • Long-lasting platform made of stainless steel, more resistant and durable. Easier cleaning.
    • Tare function to calculate easily the container’s weight and offer exact measuring results.
    • Switch from the solid to the liquid measuring function by just pressing 1 button, fast and simple.
    • Energy-saving function thanks to its auto-on and auto-off, which allow its battery to last for much longer than the rest of conventional scales.


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