iphone prices slashed

Posted by Ali A on

We are running a great iphone promotion for our customers

  • iphone X , iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus is on this promotion
  • Under this promotion customers  can purchase it using any installment plans from Asters, Maldives Islamic bank, MFLC or BML easy pay
  • All Apple products sold at Asters are from direct apple distributor stock
  • Customers can claim warranty by visiting any Apple service centre worldwide. In maldives customers can visit apple service centre at Focus computers, Fareedhee Magu.



  • We are also selling the hugely popular apple earpods 


in addition to apple products we have heavily discounted Alcatel mobile phone prices

  • Alcatel is produced by TCL mobile communications
  • Currently TCL produces under three brands that is TCL, Blackberry and Alcatel
  • Alcatel is the budget brand of TCL with great performance compared to price

The discounted prices listed on the prices are  cash purchases and installment only.

discounts will not be applicable if buying on credit or using any types of cards for payment

visit today




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  • Its only for maldivian or any country..?

    Manoj on
  • please let me know I want to know the installment procedure & any Nationalities can by or no?
    Surendra on
  • i want know the installment procedure?

    fahumee on
  • Do you have i phone x in stock

    Aaluf on

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