Value for Money: Baby Products

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Introducing our new baby products:

Comfort Love products are manufactured in Turkey & have met European Standards


From New Born to Extra Large... always a matching size!

  • Ultra-slim and very comfortable to wear for your baby
  • Using fast absorption system to keep the baby skin dry at all times
  • Anti-leak barriers and re-adjustable tapes
  • Best value for money

Sizes & Price

Other Products:

Baby Wipes

  • Unbeatable prices if bought in cases.
  • 24 packs for only 600 MVR/- (25 MVR per pack)

Baby Shampoo

  • Tear-free shampoo for only 30 MVR/- per bottle.

Cotton Buds

  • Only 15 MVR/- per box

Visit us at Asters today.


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