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Aux – Multi-Outdoor AC Inverter (Free Match) 1 Drive 2

Brand: Aux

Series: Free Match

Model: AM2-H18/4DR3

Capacity: 18000 BTU

System Format: 1 Drive 2

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty



    • 18084 (6824 - 19892) Btu/h
    • 5.3 (2.0 - 5.83) kW


    • 19107 (7541 - 21017) Btu/h
    • 5.6 (2.21 - 6.16) kW

Electric Data:

    • Power Supply: 220~240V, 50Hz, 1Ph
    • Cooling Power Input: 1750 (280 - 2300) W
    • Heating Power Input: 1540(280-2300) W
    • Rated Current (Cooling & Heating):6/6.7A
    • Max current: 11A
    • Max power: 3kW

DC Inverter Compressor:

    • Type: Rotary
    • Capacity: 4245W
    • Input: 1075W
    • Power Supply: 220~240V, 50Hz, 1Ph
    • Rated Current: 7.1A
    • Operating Frequency: 60Hz
    • Refrigerant Oil: VG74/440ml
    • Frequency Range: 10~120 Hz

Outdoor DC Inverter Fan Motor:

    • Type: DC Inverter
    • Insulation Class: E
    • Safe Class: IP24
    • Input Power: 60W
    • Output Power: 40W
    • Capacitor: /
    • Speed: 850-350 r/min

Outdoor Fan:

    • Material: Plastic
    • Diameter: Ф421×117

Outdoor Coil:

    • Number of Row: 2
    • Tube Pitch (a) x Row Pitch (b): 22 x 19.05mm
    • Fin Pitch: 1.3mm
    • Fin Material: Hydrophilic aluminum fin
    • Tube outside Dia. and Material: φ7, Inner grooved
    • Coil Length x Height x Width: 757 x 506 x 38.1mm
    • Heat Exchanging Area: 12.4m2

Air Flow Volume:

    • 1353 CFM, 2300 m3/h

Noise Level:

    • Sound Pressure Noise Level: 55 dB (A)
    • Sound Power Noise Level: 62 dB (A)

Refrigerant type:

    • Type: R32
    • Charged Volume: 0.95kg
    • Additional charge: 20 (g/m)


    • Liquid Side: 2 X 6.35 mm (1/4”)
    • Gas Side: 2 X 9.52 mm (3/8”)
    • Length for all rooms (m): 40m
    • Length for one IU (m): 25m
    • Height difference between IU and OU (m): 15m
    • Height difference between IUs (m): 10m

Ambient Temp (Cooling/Heating): -15~52℃/-15~24℃

Dimension (W x D x H):

    • Net: 800 x 315 x 545mm
    • Packing: 920 x 400 x 620mm


    • Net: 36g
    • Gross: 39kg

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