Huida – Shower Set

Brand: Huida

Model: HWB5006-P02CP

Color: Silver/White

Flexible Hose Length: 1.5m

Shower Head Diameter: Ø223mm

Hand Shower Diameter: Ø120mm

Material: Brass Chrome Finish


    • Mounting accessories included.
    • Temperature control between hot and cold.
    • Shower height: The height of the shower can be adjusted.
    • Rain Shower Head can be easily tilt to your desired direction.
    • Handheld Shower head can be adjusted into 3 spray modes.
    • 3 Functions: the diverter turns between overhead shower head, handheld sprayer, and spout and only one run at a time.
    • Flushing mode: handheld shower head with built-in flushing wash mode for effortless cleaning of your bathtub, toilet, tile, and floor drain.


    Click here for Full Dimension Image (High Quality)

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