Midea – In-Built Oven with Timer Knob

Brand: Midea

Model: 65M90M1

Color: Black

Timer Range: 15 – 120min

Temperature Range: 50 - 250 °C

Rating Power: 3000W

Rating Voltage: 220-240V

Rating Frequency: 50-60Hz

Overall Dimensions of (Product): W 595 x D 575 x H 595mm (All side of product’s dimensions are shown above)

Packing Size: 648 x 688 x 670mm

Gross Weight: 32kh

Net Weight: 29Kg

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty

Note: This oven doesn't include plug.


Click here for Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual


Function Description

Oven Lamp

    • Which enables the user to observe the progress of cooking without opening the door.
    • Oven lamp will light for all cooking functions. 


    • The Circulation of air at room temperature enables quicker thawing of frozen food, (without the use of any heat). 
    • It's a gentle but quick way to speed up the defrosting time and thawing of ready-made dishes and cream filled produce etc.

Double Grill with Fan (at the rear panel)

    • The inner heating element and the outer heating element in the top of the oven are working with fan.
    • It is suitable for grilling large amount of meat.

Double Grill

    • The inner heating element and the outer heating element in the top of the oven are working.
    • Suitable for grilling larger quantities.


    • This cooking method is normal grilling, utilizing the inner part only of the top heating element, which directs heat downwards onto the food.

Convention with fan

    • The top heating element and the bottom heating element are working with fan.
    • The appliance to be cooked is evenly and quickly cooked all around.

Conventional cooking

    • Heaters from the upper and the lower side uniformly heat the exposed food.
    • Baking and roasting is possible only at single level.

Bottom Heater

    • Heat is applied only by the bottom side of the oven. 
    • Use this option for browning the bottom side of the food.
    • The function is suitable for slow cooking recipes or for warming up meals.


    • Warm air heated by the rear heater is evenly distributed throughout the oven very fast by means of the fan.
    • This results in a faster and more economical cooking process.
    • The convection allows food to be cooked simultaneously on different shelves.

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