Emerson – Insinkerator

Brand: Emerson

Model: 56

Grind Chamber Capacity: 980ml

Rated Power: 380W

Rated Voltage: 220-240V

Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz

Motor: 0.55HP (1490rpm)

Type of Feed: Continuous

On/Off Control: Built-In Air Switch

Time Rating: Intermittent

Lubrication: Permanently Lubricated Upper & Lower Bearings

Grind Technology: 1-Stage Grind Technology

Average Water Usage: Approximately 4.0 L per Person per Day

Average Electrical Usage: 3-4 KWH per Annum

Drain Connection: 1-1/2" (3.81 cm)

Dishwasher Drain Connection: Yes

Grind Components: Stainless Steel

Overall Product Dimension (Dia. x H): 173 x 318mm (6.8” x 12.5”)

Packing Dimension (W x D x H): 225 x 225 x 375mm (8.9” x 8.9” x 14.8”)

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


    • Built-in air switch
    • Quiet sound reduction technology
    • Removable easy-clean sound baffle
    • 1 stage stainless steel grinding system.
    • Large capacity (980ml) grinding chamber.
    • Built-in Air Switch (33mm hole for button).
    • QuickLock® Sink Mount for easy installation.
    • 0.55HP P Dura-Drive® Heavy Duty Induction Motor


Packing Contents:

Food Waste Disposer with mounting assembly – x1

Discharge Assembly

    • Bolts – x2
    • Rubber Gasket – x1
    • Metal Flange – x1
    • Elbow Discharge Tube (Ø38mm) – x1

Wrenchette – x1

Air Switch Assembly

    • Air Switch – x1
    • Tube – x1

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