Midea – Water Filter

PC Pre-Carbon Filter

Brand: Midea

Compatible for: JN1742T-RO (Water Purifier)

Filter Lifespan: 3000L for Approx. 6 months

Working Pressure (@10°C): 4 - 60 psi

Water temperature range: 4 - 38°C

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): Up to 2000 ppm

Material: Activated Carbon

Purpose: The Pre Carbon block filter is made of smaller carbon grain size to ensure high adsorption capacity which effectively reduces residual chlorine, harmful chemicals like pesticides and adsorbs bad taste and odor causing volatile organic compounds from feed water. Higher level of filter sealing prevent carbon leakage and ensures stable purification over longer period of time


Note: Compatible for Water Purifier (JN1742T-RO) Only.

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